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By: Sonia Di Maulo, Feedback Enthusiast


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A few weeks ago, I led and facilitated a Needs Assessment Train the Trainer Workshop at Alitalia Airlines in Rome.  I spent 3 intense days with motivated, bright, and inspiring individuals whose eagerness to learn further ignited my passion to Harvest Performance and Cultivate Trust and Collaboration.We looked at a global approach to analyzing performance gaps, focusing on the cause and then developing solutions critical to organizational growth.  More on this in future posts!The lively discussions in English and Italian made visible the invisible lines that connect us.  And I was as grateful, as they were.  How we delivered thanks and feedback to each other was inspiring… so I decided to share these thoughts in a new way… video!

Is there a connection between being able to accept thanks and an authentic delivery?

The Romans have a beautiful authentic way about them, something I enjoyed very much. The video below includes insights and actionable tips you should try right away… no really… as soon as you finish watching the video, try the simple technique with the very next person you see!

Video Length: 1 min 16 secs

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Sonia’s mission is to help you cultivate trust and collaboration!

Sonia Di Maulo (BA in Communication Studies and MA in Educational Technology) is Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast of Harvest Performance (formerly Ready to Feedback). She has witnessed the power of authentic feedback move mountains!

She is currently working on her first book, The Apple Seed, a story of a brave little apple and his quest for finding purpose and connection with the apple orchard.

She offers Workshops, Coaching, and Keynotes aimed at getting you ready to cultivate trust and collaboration!

It’s time to harvest performance!

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