February: Love Yourself!

By: Sonia Di Maulo, Feedback Enthusiast

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While you’re still welcome to comment on January’s theme, it’s already time to announce February’s blog theme! (Click here to see all of the upcoming monthly themes for 2011.)

February’s Theme

HeartsIt’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’re hearing a lot about love, love, love. Not everyone is a fan of the holiday, but regardless, I think most of you will agree with my theme this month: the importance of loving yourself. While the media and advertisers are focused on romance and buying things for each other this month, I think it’s a crucial time to talk about our relationship with ourselves.

It’s not always easy to accept yourself, respect yourself, appreciate yourself, and love yourself. Most of us could use a little help in that area. Here are some questions to consider:

What are some ways we can improve our relationships with ourselves?

How does loving yourself affect how you relate to the rest of the world, in both work and life?

Be Featured on the Blog

For the month of February and beyond, I’ll be highlighting your perspectives, thoughts, examples, and stories about loving yourself.

  • If you have something to say on the subject, email my blog editor at joanna@readytofeedback.com with your guest post, which can be 400 words or less. Please include a short bio and photo of yourself.
  • You can also contribute by simply adding your comments to this post!

Can’t wait to see what you have to say. And Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sonia’s mission is to help you cultivate trust and collaboration!

Sonia Di Maulo (BA in Communication Studies and MA in Educational Technology) is Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast of Harvest Performance. She has witnessed the power of authentic feedback move mountains! Sonia is currently working on her first book, The Apple Seed, a story of a brave little apple and his quest for finding purpose and connection with the apple orchard. She offers Workshops, Coaching, and Keynotes aimed at getting you ready to cultivate trust and collaboration!

It’s time to harvest performance!

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