Share a Story of Personal Growth: Inspire & Win

By: Sonia Di Maulo, Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast

Share a story in the comments & inspire others and you could win a copy of The Apple in the Orchard: a story about finding the courage to emerge as a leader, endorsed by Ken Blanchard (an American author and management expert whose book The One Minute Manager has sold over 13 million copies and has been translated into 37 languages).PS: the story does not need to be long or detailed… it does need to be true about you or someone you know… together, let’s sow seeds of growth.2PS: To learn more about the story that has inspired people of all ages across the globe, visit

A winner will be selected at random from a selection of the most inspiring stories of growth on this website, on Facebook, and on Linkedin.


At Harvest Performance, we use the power of authentic feedback to help Leaders Cultivate Trust & Collaboration. How do you cultivate trust & collaboration to positively impact those around you?


Sonia Di Maulo (MA, CRP)founder of Harvest Performance, is an author, feedback enthusiast, and performance improvement professional. She helps leaders around the world emerge and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.Sonia has 14 years experience as a performance improvement professional helping Leaders and HR Executives increase leadership effectiveness that grows team trust and collaboration and decreases conflict, turnover and time managing stress. Using proven performance improvement practices and principles from her book, The Apple in the Orchard, her clients see a 55% improvement in their work environment and team engagement.


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