What’s so Special about an Apple in an Orchard?

By: Sonia Di Maulo, Founder and Lead Feedback Enthusiast

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Reconnecting to The Web of Life 

The Apple in the Orchard is a story about finding the courage to emerge as a leader.

Imagine that we are apples and the Orchard is the world we live in.

We are connected; this invisible connection binds us to each other, all living things, and nature.


Have we lost the ability to feel it, see it, and use it to create greatness in ourselves and in others?


This story invites the idea that connections, both seen and unseen, are critical to our purpose, well-being, and the work that we do everyday. It’s time we start feeling the lines that connects us all, because they are there and they are important.  Every word we speak and every action we take affects our connections.


What is our place in this web of life?


This we know,

All things are connected

Like the blood

Which unites one family…

Whatever befalls the earth,

Befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.

Man did not weave the web of life;

He is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web,

He does to himself.

–        Ted Perry, inspired by Chief Seattle (from book, The Web of Life by Fritjof Capra)


My new book, The Apple in the Orchard, presents the legendary story of Brave Apple who could feel the connections and wasn’t sure what to do with this feeling until the moment of courage inspired her to leave the familiar.


Innovation enables growth.


Her learning journey takes her to a new state of awareness, where all is possible, even what was once thought to be impossible… and invisible.


The book inspires emerging leaders (of all ages) to reconnect to the web of life at work, at home, and in their communities to create meaning for and connection with themselves and the people around them. The Apple in the Orchard invites you embrace the courage to emerge and grow… to leave a legacy.


In November 2012, the book launches in PRINT, available through my website, www.theappleintheorchard.ca/store.


Virtual Blog Book Tour


To celebrate this launch, I am having a Virtual Blog Book Tour throughout the month – the book will be featured at these fabulous venues – I will post websites as the links go live.

I am deeply honoured for their support and looking forward to seeing you there!


Nov 5 – The People Equation by Jennifer V. Miller | Apple in the Orchard


“Sonia’s elegant prose is paired with the gorgeous illustrations of Constantina Kalimeris to create a powerful message: feel the fear and do it anyway.”


Nov 6 – Constantina Kalimeris – Illustration & Design | You Can Now Hold it in Your Hands


“Inspired by Brave Apple’s courage to make a leap, I learned more about myself. I believe her story will be welcomed, loved and remembered by many.”


Nov 7 – Aleweb Social Marketing by Tara Alemany | Book Review: The Apple in the Orchard


“Brave Apple’s story is an allegory of every leader’s journey.”


Nov 7 – Roy Saunderson’s Blog at Rideau Recognition Solutions | The Apple in the Orchard


“All apples are connected across the branches and trees in the orchard to become the best they can be.”


Nov 8 – Weaving Influence by Becky Robinson: The Courage to Emerge


“None of us can grow to who we are meant to be in isolation.”


Nov 12 – Profoundly Simply Blog by Chery Gegelman: I Am Ready to Lead


“… the journey that begins when she chooses curiosity and courage instead of life as she knows it.” 


Nov 19 – Julie Winkle Giulioni Blog: Rediscover Your Natural Ability to Connect


“It’s a tender story about listening to and following one’s heart, demonstrating courage and conviction, and ‘going for it’ on a profound level.”


Nov 21 – Michelle Holliday’s Blog: Meetings as a Form of Healing


Following my launch event at a “Thrivability Montreal” conversation, Michelle describes the experience:

There was something special in the air tonight. “I can’t put a word to it,” said one woman in the closing circle.  “It’s a feeling of connection.  An energy.  It’s like we experienced something important together.”  Another man’s take-away was that he realized how important it is “to surround myself with positive people.”


Nov 24 – Let’s Grow Leaders Blog by Karin Hurt: Making the Invisible Visible for our Children


“As parents, how can we guide our children to align their words and actions to their values, independent of the environment? How can we help them infuse their surroundings with LIFE, based on LIFE-giving principles? With the ability to see the domino effect and to influence their future words and actions?

It starts with self-awareness.”


Nov 26 – Mass Ingenuity Blog by John Bernard: The Three Leadership Actions that Transform Teams Organizations and Families


“While leaving a legacy may not be your top priority, it may be what you leave behind, when you act with courage, honesty, and deep connection with the world and people around you.


Nov 27 – Tanveer Naseer Blog: 3 Lessons From Nature On Sustainability, Collaboration, and Growth


“In the organizations I work with, employees are encouraged to continually improve and embrace change. Do these employees realize what this role entails? Are leaders enabling the emergence of their team towards a greater sum of individual parts… towards the creation of something that is greater than any one of them can discover alone?


Nov 27 – Lead Big Blog by Jane Perdue: Are You Ready to Believe?


“This beautifully illustrated little gem of a book pulls you into the tale of Brave Apple. Like so many people, Brave Apple is uncertain, disconnected, searching… yet hopeful that more is out there. Brave Apple shakes off her lethargy, seizes her moment of amazing audacity, and follows the pull of her heart.”


Nov 28 – Aspire Collaborative Services Blog by Mary Jo Asmus: How to Create a Living-Systems Approach at Work


I am selective in choosing authors for guest posts to promote their books; the topic needs to be aligned with my blog’s purpose and the book needs to capture the attention of my readers. I knew when I had Sonia Di Maulo’s book in my hands and had read through it that I wanted to help spread the word about The Apple in the Orchard. Its deep message and beautiful illustrations pulled me in. This lovely book is one I will tell others about and will purchase as a gift for special people..


Nov 29 – Lead Change Group Blog: I Am Ready To Lead by Chery Gegelman


“The story and the illustrations are simple enough to be a child’s bedtime story, challenging enough to be shared in an executive boardroom and inspiring enough to be read and savored again, and again, and again. It is a perfect gift for yourself and for those you love and serve.


Nov 30 – Random Acts of Leadership Blog by Susan Mazza: Are We Really “All Connected”?


“a simple yet poignant reminder that not only are we truly all connected to each other and to every living thing, but that ultimately that is the source of our power as individuals and as leaders.

“This isn’t just a nice, altruistic notion. It is a scientifically grounded imperative.  We have noth a lot of learning and unlearning to do!”


–        Business Performance Blog by Karen Carleton



Live Book Launch


Also, if you live in (or near) the Montreal-area, come celebrate with me in real life. More locations will be added as they are confirmed.  If you would like to host a launch, please contact me.


November 10, 2012: The Apple in the Orchard launches at Quinn Farm

  • Book signing, family activities, and connecting with nature
  • http://harvestperformance.eventbrite.com/

I connected with new people who found the value in my book, Linda Robertson is one of them! Here are her thoughts on the book:

I feel like you wrote this book for me.

I relate to brave apple. My favorite part is:

“Brave apple doesn’t know what she is searching for, yet in her core she knows she did the right thing, that she is where she needs to be.”

This is exactly how I felt a year ago when I resigned from my long time career.
I find it most amazing how we so often get to meaningful places via quite unpredictable paths.
I am so glad our paths have crossed Sonia.

Congratulations on this book.
You should be very proud.


November 20, 2012: Thrivability Montreal experiences The Apple in the Orchard

  • Experience the power of connection
  • Learn how to use these activities with your teams, family, and friends to create meaningful connection needed for teams that truly collaborate, trust, and excel
  • Event with dinner hosted by Crudessence
  • Register here: http://theappleintheorchard.eventbrite.ca/


Following this launch event, Michelle Holliday describes the experience:http://solarium.cambiumconsulting.com/content/meetings-form-healing

There was something special in the air tonight. “I can’t put a word to it,” said one woman in the closing circle.  “It’s a feeling of connection.  An energy.  It’s like we experienced something important together.”  Another man’s take-away was that he realized how important it is “to surround myself with positive people.”


December 5, 2012: The Apple in the Orchard goes Downtown!

Celebrating the End of the Semester, End of the Year and my New Book!

  • Join me for a Celebration and Casual Conversation on my new book, The Apple in the Orchard: A story about finding the courage to emerge. Discover the new vision for the world of work and get a glimpse into the power of living systems as models for sustainability, collaboration, and growth.
  • Register here http://theappleintheorchard2012.eventbrite.com/
  • When: Dec 5th
  • Time: 4pm to 7pm
  • Where: Kafein Cafe-Bar at 1429A Rue Bishop (across from the Library Building) http://kafein.ca/
  • Who is invited: Faculty, Students, Staff, Everyone!
  • Why attend: You deserve a celebration… on the menu: great food and drink, stimulating conversation, connecting, buy the book and get it signed, reading of the book at 4:30pm and 6pmFee: Free to attend


Yours in growth,



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